Thursday 17 December 2009

Twitter still not popular sharing channel

ShareThis reports that email is still the most popular method of sharing across its installed base.

46 per cent of sharers choose this method, more than any other by a long chalk. However, recipients are not very likely to click on the link. And yet, if they do, they'll go on to visit more of the site than those clicking from links shared via other means.

Meanwhile, "Twitter is still not a very popular sharing channel", according to the report from ShareThis. Just six per cent of sharing is to Twitter.

But 40 per cent of clicks on a link are from Twitter. The broadcast-to-many nature of the platform, along with the viral potential of retweets, means the opportunity for clicks is massively increased. Much more so than from Facebook, which receives more shares than Twitter.

You can read the full story on the ShareThis blog.

ShareThis competes with AddThis and other similar services.