Tuesday 20 January 2009

Spend the whole afternoon with Obama online

US FlagObama-mania has gripped the UK in a way that might make you think we're just one of the United States of America.

A full five pages of yesterday's thelondonpaper were dedicated to Obama's inauguration, where to watch online and even where to celebrate.

Needless to say, Zattoo is also gearing up for today's historic moment. We've got
President Obama: The Inauguration BBC One, 4pm-6pm. Huw Edwards and Matt Frei live from Washington.

Obama: His Story BBC Two, 7pm-8pm. A profile of Obama's rise from Hawaii to the White House via Harvard.

Outtakes: US Presidents BBC Three, 9pm-9.30pm. Buffoonery from US presidents.

President Obama: The Inauguration BBC News, 2pm-10pm.

BBC One, BBC Two and BBC News are also available in HiQ - broadcast quality TV streams.