Sunday 14 December 2008

Top 5 videos: cats don't make the cut

Well, it's that time of year... so here's my Top 5 viral videos of 2008. Enjoy!

The Laughing Quadruplets

So many videos of laughing babies. This one is really priceless with four wonderful quadruplets and their mum speaking for them "Do it again":

Where the hell is Matt?

The great thing about this video is the combination of the breadth of the globe covered, the choreography, the editing and the music:

Heavy Metal Farmer

Daveyboyz approached me a few weeks back saying he loves Zattoo, could he do a video for us? I said "yes, please! and I can give you some ads to your YouTube channel in return".

This video has nothing to do with Zattoo. For me, it's totally original content. Comedy, music, lyrics, editing... Great British humour:

Daft The Vote

There were lots of Daft Punk finger and body dances last year. This choreography is from November this year and encourages people to go vote. It didn't get many views. It deserves more:

Drunk History

OK, technically this one dates from 2007 but since it was posted on YouTube less than a year ago, on 23rd December, and I saw it earlier this year, I'm allowing it. I could have gone for, say, Part 3 instead but it was the initial episode that was most entertaining and, in any case, by the very nature of being first, the most original.

Caution: contains strong language

That's all, Folks!