Friday 20 March 2009

Zattoo refreshes parts the BBC cannot reach

I put out a press release yesterday cheekily suggesting that Zattoo has a useful public service broadcasting role to play in the 21st century.

The story goes like this. BBC Alba is a Gaelic channel. It is available only on digital satellite. Lots of people who speak Gaelic don't have digital satellite. So the BBC is spending licence fee money on producing and broadcasting a channel that does not reach the people for whom it is intended.

Amongst the channels requested by Zattoo viewers is BBC Alba. That's no surprise: people are more likely to have a PC and internet connection than digital satellite. Keen, as I've claimed to be, to give our viewers what they want, for our Gaelic-speaking customers, especially in the north west of Scotland, Zattoo brings you BBC Alba.

Oh, and good luck at Twickenham tomorrow.