Monday 25 July 2011

MediaGuardian 100 most powerful people in media shun Twitter

The Guardian today published its annual list of 100 most influential media people in the UK, the MediaGuardian 100. I set out to discover how influential the top 100 are in the online world by using PeerIndex, one of a number of services that map the social web. I discovered some surprising truths. In particular, the large majority of the most influential people in media have never registered on Twitter.

Only 26 of the 100 most influential media people in the UK are active on Twitter.

I've created a Twitter list of them. Now I might be wrong about that and failed to find some or all of the others but I did search high and low. Please let me know in the comments if there's anybody I missed out.

Of the 26, only two are registered on PeerIndex.

Daniel Ek, founder of music-streaming service Spotify, at position 40, and Iain Dale, radio presenter and former political blogger, squeezing in at 93, are the only two who are sufficiently concerned with their only presence to have registered on PeerIndex.

The PeerIndex ordering bears no resemblance to that of MediaGuardian.

Jeremy Hunt is 13th of the MediaGuardian 100 but with a lowly PeerIndex of 19, he comes just nine off the bottom of the 26 on this list.

Zuckerberg's PeerIndex is lower than mine.

According to PeerIndex, I'm more influential than the founder and CEO of Facebook. Today, my PeerIndex is 48 compared with 31 for Zuck. The man who leads the greatest social network in the world has little influence online, apparently. Meanwhile, the average for this group as a whole is actually 47, which makes me more influential online than the MediaGuardian 100, on average.

The PeerIndex list

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