Wednesday 1 July 2009

#Moonfruit marketing on Twitter

Moonfruit logo
#moonfruit has rapidly jumped up the Twitter trending topics. Moonfruit is the latest company to make use of hashtag-based promotions and is offering a MacBook Pro to ten lucky winners over ten days. To be eligible to win, simply tweet #moonfruit. Mashable reckons it's an example of Twitter promotion done right.

Sitting at the top of the trending topics list reflects massive awareness of the campaign. I wonder, however, how many people actually know what Moonfruit actually does.

I'm also already tired of #moonfruit tweets and, having posted both a haiku and a cocktail recipe, have got bored of participating: there is no reward for creativity.

And that's a shame. Moonfruit has chosen it's prize well but the mechanism is surely wrong, for a company which helps people build websites. The MacBook Pro is ideal for web designers but creativity is also a vital component.

Sadly for Moonfruit, although celebrating its tenth anniversary, it wasn't quick enough to grab the Twitter handle @moonfruit. It belongs instead to one Ashleigh Hart of Maine and Upstate NY, whose updates are blocked. And they are left with @moontweet.

Now, please can I have a MacBook Pro?