Monday 15 June 2009

TechCrunch traffic trends from Twitter

TechCrunchTechCrunch reports that its traffic from Twitter is growing.
Twitter accounted for 9.7 percent of all traffic to, up from 1.8 percent six months ago.
The question remains, however, has the total traffic to TechCrunch seen an overall increase? and, if so, is it anything like proportional to the growth of traffic from Twitter or even the growth of Twitter itself?

I had a look on compete to get an answer to these questions:

TechCrunch traffic

TechCrunch saw an increase in both visits and unique visitors late in 2008 but, with the exception of January, the last six months have been flat. Twitter meanwhile has grown massively:

Twitter growth

There is some more probing analysis that could be done. Are first time visitors increasing thanks to Twitter? Has the number of RSS subscribers/hits (as opposed to click-throughs) increased/decreased as a result of Twitter? etc

Twitter is growing and you'd expect to see traffic from it to TechCrunch increasing. Clearly, the rate of traffic from Twitter has not kept up with the growth of Twitter itself. Not surprising, given that more recent Tweeps are outside the sphere of 'digiterati'. Nevertheless, what I'm keen to understand is if Twitter is changing the way you need to do business.

The jury is out, it seems.